The coldest period of the year is approaching - winter. It is not only a time of Christmas holidays but also of low temperatures that must be met fully armed. Are you looking for men's leather jackets for the winter? We can help you with this challenging task. Our store specializes in the sale of premium men's outerwear. We offer stylish products of impeccable quality that attract with their charm and originality.


This group of products includes models made of cow, buffalo or durable sheepskin. They have a significant layer of insulation or a removable lining and often a collar made of soft sheep's fur, which can also be removed if necessary. Some products have a warm hood instead of a collar. Models vary in length, color and style.

Men's winter leather jacket M65 from vintage-leder.comMen's winter leather jacket Top Gun from vintage-leder.comMen's winter leather jacket Arizona from vintage-leder.com

The assortment has jackets for the winter with a spacious look, and more fitted models are also available that emphasize your athletic form. The length varies: from short with an elastic band, medium length to long jackets. The choice of colors is also quite wide: milky beige, burgundy, and orange, but still, the classic colors dominate: dark blue, black and various shades of brown. The category of winter flight jackets includes models: M65, Top Gun, A-2, B-15, Arizona, and Type G-1.


As you know, the warmest winter clothes are fur coats. Here you can buy winter leather jackets from high-quality sheepskin. Spanish raw materials are used for tailoring, so the models have an impeccable appearance. Depending on buyers' desires, sheepskin coats can be short - especially suitable for car drivers or longer - for respectable people. The material of sheepskin coats is a dense sheep fur, pleasant to the touch or an elite muton with a longer and more delicate pile.

Men's winter sheepskin jacket B-3 from vintage-leder.comMen's winter sheepskin jacket B-7 from vintage-leder.comMen's winter sheepskin jacket B-15 from vintage-leder.com

Another one of the unique offers from the online store Vintage Leder is winter leather jackets made of canvas, insulated with natural sheepskin and a collar. Thanks to the incomparable combination of leather and canvas, the product has gained tremendous popularity among our customers. Canvas is the most robust cotton fabric, it is waxed, so it is pretty resistant to moisture. By making such a purchase, you become the owner of a unique thing that will surely attract the interested views of others.

Men's winter canvas jacket N-1 from vintage-leder.comMen's winter canvas jacket Halsey from vintage-leder.comMen's winter canvas jacket Kanaljacke from vintage-leder.com

In our assortment, there is not only a winter jacket with fur but also a leather parka. These products retain heat in the best way, as they have an additional layer of insulation and a fur hood with natural trim.

Men's winter leather jacket Togo from vintage-leder.comMen's winter leather jacket North Pole from vintage-leder.comMen's winter leather jacket Leo Seppala from vintage-leder.com

You can buy winter leather jackets in the online store with a hat, a baseball cap, a captain's cap or a warm earflap. You can also add a themed bag to your unmatched look.